About Little Lady Valkyrie

Hey there!

If you’re viewing this page, chances are good that you accidentally stumbled across it while you were searching for something else. Or, you looked up Twenty One Pilots and Google brought you to my world. Either way, greetings and welcome. I¬†know some people might be wondering what content I post could possibly be worth their time. Those people have 2 options: View my Post Page to find out, or exit my site.

The first thing you should know about my writing: I don’t fact check. What I write is raw and impulsive as well as being virtually completely emotionally driven. That being said, I return to my posts continuously after publishing to change my ideas, clarify, add, or even get rid of them. Because my mind is always working out how I feel about things, my site is always working on how to show those thoughts to you.

The second important fact to note is that I will always say what I think. I try to come across with tact and consideration, however certain topics are controversial and require me to be more blunt and honest. Ponder a conversation about abortion, murder, child abuse, or rape. I can guarantee everyone has some knowledge, experience, and opinions on at least one of these subjects, and you’re most likely not going to lie down in favor of someone else’s comments.

Last but not least, fact number 3: Nothing I post is a lie. The words are my own, absolutely original with grammar and punctuation being the only edits. Stories I share about my life are true, and may only be inaccurate if I choose to omit something personal. Writing and talking about my past and experiences is how I process them, work through them, and ultimately (hopefully) teach someone to learn from them. For these reasons, I will never allow information detailing my name or location to be revealed on this site. Sorry guys, I’m still going to be as genuine as electronically possible!